Residential Services

We look forward to serving you.
Residents can choose from either 30-32 gallon or a 90 gal tote (provided by Douglas Disposal). Totes not available in California. 

Because of safety concerns, DDI does not service any container larger than a 32 gal except our own 90 gal tote, which is emptied by hydraulics.
Residential service is once a week. Residential service is billed quarterly in advance.

Curbside recycling is not available at this time, however, recyclable materials can be taken to free drop off locations throughout the county.

We provide per-can or tote collection of normal household refuse (municipal solid waste) and yard waste, excluding: 

  • Hazardous waste (see Household Hazardous Waste)
  • Auto parts
  • Appliances 
  • Construction materials 
  • Animal carcasses
  • NOTE: Some of the above items may be picked up at curbside for additional fees contact our office for more information (775) 782-5713.
DDI proudly participates in an active recycling program.  All recyclables are processed at our Transfer Station Facility.
Protect our natural resources. Dispose of hazardous waste safely and effectively. 
Photo by:  Jennifer Ward, Customer Service Representative

Contact us 775.782.5713
Located on Dump Rd off of Pinenut Rd. 

Open Tuesday - Sunday 9am to 5pm. 
Closed Mondays and major holidays.

(775) 782-5713, Ext. 432
New tote and can placement information

  • Totes/cans must be placed roadside by 5:00 AM on your scheduled pickup day.

  • Totes/cans must be placed in the gutter or within 3 feet of the drivable edge of the road if there is no sidewalk. 

  • Please do not place totes/cans on sidewalks. Sidewalks must remain clear for pedestrian use.

  • Refuse must be securely contained in a sealed or lidded container.

  • Please keep totes/cans at least 4 feet away from cars or other objects.

  • Place tote so the opening is facing the street, handle towards your driveway.

  • Cans in excess of 32 gallons will NOT be serviced unless they are Douglas Disposal 90-gallon tote.

  • Please DO NOT use bungee cords or rocks on lids of totes/cans.

  • Please seal all garbage in bags to keep debris from flying out when tote/can is dumped.

Additional Service Information

  • Your individual pickup time may vary greatly depending on the season, amount of refuse being picked up, weather conditions and personnel and equipment issues.

  • Every effort is made to run the collection routes as consistently as possible; however, extenuating circumstances may occur.

  • When pickups are missed due to unsafe conditions, you will be entitled to double your normal amount of service on your next regularly scheduled pickup day.

  • If you are missed on your pickup day, be sure to contact the office within 24 hours to arrange for double to be taken on the next scheduled pickup day.

  • If you know in advance that you will not need service for at least four pickups, contact the office in advance to arrange for the account to be suspended.


  • Extra service is on a prepaid basis only. Anything over a level tote/can is considered extra and must have a prepaid voucher attached to it in order to be picked up curbside on your regular pick up day.

  • Free clean-up weeks are scheduled in May and October; contact the office for the dates and specifics.

  • Billing is done quarterly in advance. Payment is due and payable upon receipt. If payment is not received within 45 days of the billing date, service will be interrupted until payment is received. If payment is not received within 90 days of the billing date, service will be terminated.

  • Moving??? It is the customer's responsibility to contact the office if service is to be terminated.

  • The customer is responsible to schedule the return of the 90-gallon tote provided by DDI. A replacement fee will be charged for totes not recovered upon termination of the service or if destroyed beyond repair.

  • Animals are a part of what makes this community so attractive. Unfortunately, the refuse that people generate is attractive to animals. Collection drivers will make every effort to clean up debris scattered by animals, within reason, and return the totes/cans in serviceable order.

  • Minor to severe damage may be caused to totes/cans by persistent animals such as bears. For more information on animal resistant enclosures and/or containers, please contact us at (775) 782-6029.

  • If you are going to try animal deterrents, please do not use liquid bleach or other caustic products. These products may cause eye and skin injury. Further information on co-existing with wildlife may be found on our resources page.