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Tote & Can Information

  • Totes/cans must be placed roadside by 5:00 AM on your scheduled pickup day.
  • Totes/cans must be placed in the gutter or within 3 feet of the drivable edge of the road if there is no sidewalk.
  • Please do not place totes/cans on sidewalks. Sidewalks must remain clear for pedestrian use.
  • Refuse must be securely contained in a sealed or lidded container (bags are preferred).
  • Please keep totes/cans at least 4 feet away from cars or other objects.
  • Place tote so the opening is facing the street, handle towards your driveway.
  • Cans in excess of 32 gallons will NOT be serviced unless they are Douglas Disposal 90-gallon tote.
  • Please DO NOT use bungee cords or rocks on lids of totes/cans.
  • Please seal all garbage in bags to keep debris from flying out when tote/can is dumped.