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Special Events

Beverage Container Recycling Program

Thank you for including recycling as an important element of your special event. This program is designed to streamline the recycling efforts in our community by diverting the recyclable material from the general waste stream at the source.

Your public event will be enhanced by providing recycling opportunities, which ultimately benefit the community and our environment.

Recycling Quick Kits 

Suitable For One- To Two-Day Events
  • One (1) recycling dumpster with locking bar – Place your bags of recycling materials in this dumpster
  • Six (6), 23-gallon blue recycling receptacles
  • Twenty-Four (24), 23-gallon blue bags

Beverage containers do not have to be sorted by type. Our Douglas Recycle Center will sort the recyclables after your event. Together, we can make it happen!

Please print, complete and sign the request form provided here, return it to us via fax or drop it off at Douglas Disposal’s main office.

Please submit your request as early as possible so that we can reserve the resources you need.

How to organize for a successful recycling event


Place the blue recycling containers that are inside the recycling dumpster at strategic locations throughout your event. We suggest that they be next to trash receptacles so that people make the conscious decision to recycle. This will help reduce food and other contamination in your recycling containers. Place extra blue bags in the bottom of the blue container before lining with a blue bag. If it is windy, place one or two full water bottles in the bottom of the container. 


Assign specific staff/volunteers to check the blue recycling containers on a regular basis, every hour or so. When bags are full, they should be removed, a new blue bag placed inside the container, and the full blue bag placed in the 6-yard dumpster provided for recyclables. Loose, clean cardboard can also be placed in this dumpster. Be sure all cardboard is flattened so that you have adequate room in your dumpster for the bags of recyclables and the blue recycling containers at the end of your event. 


At the end of the day, collect the blue recycling containers, tie the blue bags up, place everything inside the recycling dumpster.


Your recycling dumpster will be picked up by DDI as indicated on your application form. We will take your materials back to Douglas Recycle Center where our staff will sort the recyclables by type. The materials will eventually be shipped to processors to be made into new and useful items. Together we will reduce what goes to the landfill and put these resources to better use. 

Keep close track of the blue recycling containers. You will be charged $90 for the replacement of lost containers. Your application grants DDI the right to enter the premises for delivery and retrieval of these receptacles. You will be liable for any personal injury or property damage resulting from use of these receptacles.