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Recycling Drop Off Locations

Douglas County Transfer Station – Recyle Center
Recycle Center Hours of Operation
Tuesday – Saturday 9am to 4:30pm
All residents of Douglas County are invited and encouraged to recycle at various convenient locations throughout the County. These sites are a cooperative program between Douglas County, Douglas Disposal, and Site Sponsors. Curbside recycling is not available at this time.

All recycled materials must be free of contamination and sorted by material type. No trash, ‘other recyclables’, cross- contamination or litter. Do not leave recyclables outside separation boxes.

Acceptable Materials

*Aluminum beverage cans (redemption value $.27/lb)
*Food and Beverage Bottles-no drinking, window or ceramic glass
*Plastic #1-7-excluding Styrofoam, plastic bags, or black plastics
*Tin Cans
*Newspaper-includes colored inserts
*Motor Oil / Antifreeze-limited to 5gal per visit, no water, dirt, or other chemicals. No commercial sources.
*Batteries-all types. No commercial sources.
*Office Paper

  • Gardnerville Elementary School
  • Pau Wa Lu Middle School
  • Jacks Valley Elementary School
  • Topaz Ranch Estates (TRE GID Parking)
  • Douglas County Animal Shelter, Benefits D.A.W.G. (Aluminum Only)
  • Smiths Food and Drug Store, Benefits Boy Scout Troop 495 (Aluminum Only)

        Douglas Green Waste Recycling

        Recycled locally through the Douglas Transfer Station, with a reduced tip fee for our customers.
        This Carson Valley program recycles green waste into compost, diverting over 1,500 tons a year from the landfill.
        The rate per ton for clean green waste = $53.62 and the rate per ton for trash = $119.40 per ton


        Acceptable Materials

        Only clean, natural, untreated vegetation material such as trees, logs, limbs, branches, brush, and leaves as well as clean lumber or milled wood. Loads must be clean and un-mixed.

        Unacceptable Materials

        Milled lumber, treated lumber, painted wood, Bags, containers, furniture, irrigation material, pallets, sod, and manure.

        Be sure to advise the scale house personnel of the contents of
        your load for inspection and unloading location.

        Unacceptable or contaminated loads will be charged
        the regular dump rate of $119.40 per ton and directed to the Transfer Station loading pad.


        Call John Marchini, Operations Manager, 775-782-7696 with any further questions.