marker1653 North Lucerne Street, Suite A Minden, Nevada marker775 782 5713

SPRING CLEAN UP Week: May 20 – 24 2024

February 27, 2024

Douglas Disposal and Recycling


For Active Nevada Weekly Residential Customers Only

Simply fill 6) 32gl sized cans (50lbs max) and/or bags (35lbs max) and place them roadside with your regular pick up.

No cans larger than 32gal will be accepted. 1ft. x 3ft. tied bundles are also acceptable.

We will pick up your extra cans/bags on your  regularly scheduled pick up day May 20th ~ 24th, 2024.

NO Appliances-Tires-Furniture-TV’s-Computers-HAZ MAT

Douglas Disposal, Inc

(775) 782-5713

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